Collins Hill's Hambolu, Norcross' Callahan win pair of region titles

Staff Photo: John Bohn Mill Creek's Kaleb Kim wins the boy's discus throw during the Region 7-AAAAAA track and field meet held at Mill Creek on Thursday. Kim threw the disc 140 feet and nine inches.

Staff Photo: John Bohn Mill Creek's Kaleb Kim wins the boy's discus throw during the Region 7-AAAAAA track and field meet held at Mill Creek on Thursday. Kim threw the disc 140 feet and nine inches.


Staff Photo: John Bohn Norcross' Casidy Callahan wins the shot put in the Region 7-AAAAAA track and field meet held at Mill Creek on Thursday. Callahan put the shot 40 feet and 3 inches.


Staff Photo: John Bohn Mill Creek's Malayshia George wins the girls high jump at the Region 7-AAAAAA track and field meet held at Mill Creek on Thursday. George jumped only once, to win the event with a 5' 4" effort.


Staff Photo: John Bohn Mill Creek's Sydnee Shaw takes second place in the girl's triple jump at the Region 7-AAAAAA track and field meet held at Mill Creek on Thursday.

HOSCHTON -- It had been three weeks since Collins Hill's Bola Hambolu and Norcross' Casidy Callahan competed. But neither appeared to have any rust on them at the Region 7-AAAAAA track and field championships on Thursday at Mill Creek.

Hambolu, who was coming off an ankle injury, won the triple jump and long jump. Callahan, who took time off to train, claimed the shot put and discus region titles.

"I was feeling good," Callahan said. "I was expecting to win based on past results."

The last time Callahan threw was at the county meet in March. It didn't offer ideal throwing conditions with snow flurries and temperatures in the low 30s.

"I was trying not to freeze to death," Callahan said.

Thursday's meet brought more favorable conditions with sunny 70-degree weather. Callahan won the shot put title with a throw of 40 feet, 3 inches. The Wake Forest signee claimed the region crown in the discus with a toss of 137-3.

"I knew if I could get close to my PR, I could win," Callahan said.

Hambolu's last meet was county as well. After winning the long jump and triple jump, she injured her ankle the following weekend.

"I've been resting and I wasn't sure how I would do," Hambolu said.

Hambolu set a personal record in the triple jump with a mark of 37-4.5. She took the long jump title with a mark of 17-5.5.

The success is still a surprise for Hambolu, who placed second at region last year.

"This year has been amazing," said Hambolu, a sophomore.

Mill Creek's girls team is in first place with 78 points to lead Norcross (61.5) and Collins Hill (45).

The Hawks' Malayshia George defended her region crown in the high jump by clearing 5-4 to take the title.

Peachtree Ridge's Tiffany Kinard cleared 9-0 to win the pole vault and Norcross' Katherine Yost won the 1,600-meter run with a time of 5 minutes, 10.37 seconds.

The Mill Creek boys have 74.5 points and lead Norcross (45) and Peachtree Ridge (41.5).

The Hawks' Kaleb Kim is one of the county's up and coming football stars as an offensive lineman for the Hawks. He also has a bright future in track. After taking second at county last month, the 6-foot-4, 275-pound Kim won the discus region title with a throw of 140-9.

Teammate Michael Cheeks won the high jump by clearing 6-4 and Tyler Woodrome defeated Peachtree Ridge's Josh Brickell in the 1,600 with a time of 4:13.41.

Collins Hill's Ben Yarn won the shot put with a throw of 50-11.25 and Devin Monroe claimed the triple jump title with a mark of 46-0.5.

Peachtree Ridge's Josh Marsh won the long jump with a mark of 21-9.

North Gwinnett's Tyler Shellnett cleared 12-0 to win the pole vault title.


Region 7-AAAAAA track and field championships

At Mill Creek

Field events

Team scores

  1. Mill Creek, 74.5

  2. Norcross, 45

  3. Peachtree Ridge, 41.54. Collins Hill, 27

  4. North Gwinnett, 27

  5. Habersham Central, 26.5

  6. Duluth, 23

  7. Mountain View, 4

  8. Meadowcreek, 1.5

Individual events

Pole vault

  1. Tyler Shellnut, North Gwinnett, 12-0

  2. Jake Hall, Mill Creek, 11-6

  3. Geoffrey Sangson, Norcross, 11-6

  4. Charlton Bassett, Mill Creek, 11-0

  5. Jonathan Morris, Peachtree Ridge, 11-0

  6. Algy Fonts, Duluth, 9-6

Long jump

  1. Josh Marsh, Peachtree Ridge, 21-9

  2. Jordan Dooley, Duluth, 21-1

  3. Jacorey Lewis, Mill Creek, 20-10

  4. Terence Williams, Duluth, 20-8

  5. John Paul Harley, North Gwinnett, 20-7

  6. Devante Kershaw, North Gwinnett, 20-1

  7. Nathan Watson, Collins Hill, 19-9

  8. Robert Morris, Habersham Central, 9-7


  1. Kaleb Kim, Mill Creek, 140-9

  2. A.J. Houston, Peachtree Ridge, 135-6

  3. Jake Lund, Mill Creek, 133-11

  4. Jamarcus Connally, Norcross, 132-1

  5. Jonathan Long, Habersham Central, 124-96. William Alford, Habersham Central, 122-7

  6. Kyle Wilkerson, Duluth, 116-7

  7. Jordan Adekweh, Meadowcreek, 114-10

Triple jump

  1. Devin Monroe, Collins Hill, 46-0.5

  2. Iajah Hughes, Peachtree Ridge, 44-0.5

  3. Justin Menzies, Mill Creek, 43-0

  4. Ferdinand Aka, Norcross, 41-3.5

  5. Joseph Hull, Mill Creek, 41-2.75

  6. Gregory Blackshear, Duluth, 41-2

  7. Nathan Strother, Norcross, 40-4.25

  8. Davante Kershaw, North Gwinnett, 38-11.5

High jump

  1. Michael Cheeks, Mill Creek, 6-4

  2. Shahid Mitchell, Norcross, 6-2

  3. Kendall Weeks, Habersham Central, 6-0

  4. John Paul Harley, North Gwinnett, 6-0

  5. Brandon Barland, Mountain View, 5-10

  6. Geoffrey Sangson, Norcross, 5-10

  7. Gregory Blackshear, Duluth, 5-8

  8. Nick Sullens, Habersham Central, 5-8

Shot put

  1. Ben Yarn, Collins Hill, 50-11.25

  2. Zach Rhyneer, Habersham Central, 50-1

  3. Jd Al-Khatib, Mill Creek, 47-6.25

  4. Jamarcus Connally, Norcross, 46-8.75

  5. Nicolas Jasper, Mill Creek, 45-4.75

  6. Jonathan Long, Habersham Central, 44-11.25

  7. Gary Richardson, Collins Hill, 44-78. A.J. Houston, Peachtree Ridge, 43-7.5

1,600-meter run

  1. Tyler Woodrome, Mill Creek, 4:13.41

  2. Josh Brickell, Peachtree Ridge, 4:17.86

  3. Arman Rehman, Norcross, 4:21.28

  4. Nick Del Guercio, Norcross, 4:23.11

  5. Andres Littig, North Gwinnett, North Gwinnett, 4:26.45

  6. Jonathan Moses, Collins Hill, 4:27.99

  7. Kevin Mills, Peachtree Ridge, 4:28.29

  8. John Gagnon, Habersham Central, 4:29.11


Team scores

  1. Mill Creek, 78

  2. Norcross, 61.5

  3. Collins Hill, 45

  4. Peachtree Ridge, 26.5

  5. Habersham Central, 20

  6. Duluth, 18

  7. Mountain View, 12

  8. North Gwinnett, 11

Individual events

Pole vault

  1. Tiffany Kinard, Peachtree Ridge, 9-0

  2. Larsen Moore, Mill Creek, 9-0

  3. Mindy Ross, Collins Hill, 8-6

  4. Sydney Clark, Mill Creek, 8-0

  5. Bria Bowen, Norcross, 7-6

  6. Chelsey Scott, Norcross, 7-0

  7. Kinley Brooks, North Gwinnett, 7-0Long jump

  8. Bola Hambolu, Collins Hill, 17-5.5

  9. Jazmyn Johnson, Duluth, 16-3

  10. Argy Kosmakos, Mill Creek, 16-2

  11. Kiyana Grimes, Norcross, 16-0.75

  12. Kelsey Gray, Mill Creek, 15-11.5

  13. Joi Cureton, Peachtree Ridge, 15-6.5

  14. Aja Young, Collins Hill, 15-2

  15. Emily Toomer, North Gwinnett, 15-0.5


  1. Casidy Callahan, Norcross, 137-3

  2. Kelsey Gray, Mill Creek, 126-7

  3. Aubree Van Winkle, Habersham Central, 102-9

  4. Dami Agboola, Mill Creek, 100-8

  5. Tanisha Somnerour, Habersham Central, 100-5

  6. Molly McWilliams, Norcross, 97-8

  7. Lindsey McKinney, Duluth, 92-2

  8. Milan Williams, Peachtree Ridge, 91-4

Shot put

  1. Casidy Callahan, Norcross, 40-3

  2. Tanisha Somnerour, Habersham Central, 38-2.5

  3. Dami Agboola, Mill Creek, 37-3.75

  4. Tioni Harris, Collins Hill, 36-8.5

  5. Molly McWilliams, Norcross, 31-7.25

  6. Kaitlan Andrews, North Gwinnett, 30-3.75

  7. Gracie McCool, Mountain View, 30-2.5

  8. Dagan Cabbagestalk, Habersham Central, 29-10.75

High jump1. Malayshia George, Mill Creek, 5-4

  1. Jazmyn Johnson, Duluth, 5-2

  2. Courtney Hopson, Peachtree Ridge, 5-2

  3. Chelsea Cary, Mountain View, 5-0

  4. Tyra Holliday, Collins Hill, 5-0

  5. Kolby Meeks, Norcross, 5-0

  6. Desiree Jones, Norcross, 5-0

  7. Kendra Purifoye, Peachtree Rige, 4-10

Triple jump

  1. Bola Hambolu, Collins Hill, 37-4.5

  2. Sydnee Shaw, Mill Creek, 36-2

  3. Argy Kosmakso, Mill Creek, 34-1.75

  4. Rebecca Cherian, Collins Hill, 34-1.5

  5. Alaina Hall, North Gwinnett, 33-8.75

  6. Sydney Marshall, Norcross, 33-3.25

  7. Unique Wyatt, Norcross, 32-11

  8. Vandy Oudomsine, Habersham Central, 31-2.75

1,600-meter run

  1. Katherine Yost, Norcross, 5:10.37

  2. Lauren Hovis, Mill Creek, 5:12.77

  3. Addy Lippit, Peachtree Ridge, 5:26.14

  4. Rebecca Winslow, Mountain View, 5:32.12

  5. Samantha Hollis, Mill Creek, 5:34.69

  6. Lacey Ellenburg, Collins Hill, 5:37.20

  7. Eliza Antonowich, Norcross, 5:37.98

  8. Courtney Czerniak, North Gwinnett, 5:38.37