BOE approves state contract amendment

SUWANEE -- In a unanimous decision, officials with Gwinnett County Public Schools on Thursday voted to amend a contract with the state aimed at increasing student achievement through greater flexibility.

The measure seeks to include schools built and opened after the document went into effect.

In 2009, the Gwinnett County Board of Education received approval from the State Board of Education for the district's IE2 Partnership Contract.

Gwinnett's IE2 contract provides local schools and the district with flexibility from 13 laws and accompanying state board rules.

The flexibility is coupled with the contract's existing accountability measures, which were identified for each school to meet annual performance targets during the document's duration.

Prior to the board's approval of the contract amendment, local resident and activist Jen Falk spoke during the public comments portion of the meeting.

Falk said she was worried that the board would approve the measure without "discuss(ing) the merits and demerits of this contract."

Falk added that she is "not a fan of IE2," stating: "people don't understand it."

Prior to Thursday's vote, Wilbanks said that the contract "has been a tremendous benefit for us."

"We hope that flexibility will be turned into student achievement," he added.

According to a news release from Gwinnett County Public Schools, since the time that the contract was originally approved "a number of things have changed locally and at the state level" including the addition of new schools and changes to the state's graduation rule that call for the Georgia High School Graduation Tests to be replaced by End of Course Tests.

"As a result, Gwinnett County Public Schools has developed an amendment to the initial contract," the release states. The amendment provides achievement targets for 16 new schools that have opened since fall of 2009, "ensuring the contracts are relevant based on changes to the state graduation rule and the transition to EOCTs."

The proposed plans for the 16 schools that have opened since 2009 are available on the district's website at www.gwinnett.k12.ga.us. They are: Anderson-Livsey Elementary, Archer High School, Bay Creek Middle, Burnette Elementary, Couch Middle School, Ferguson Elementary, Grace Snell Middle, Jenkins Elementary, Lanier High, Mountain View High, North Gwinnett Middle; Roberts Elementary, Starling Elementary, Twin Rivers Middle, White Oak Elementary and Woodward Mill Elementary.


kevin 2 years, 5 months ago

what was the purpose of this amendment in the 1st place? If it was to lower graduating standards, then I agree it should not be amended to eliminate any schools. The BOE would be wrong.


Why_not 2 years, 5 months ago

It's stated above....the amendment is to include schools built since the rules were adopted. It has nothing to do with lowering graduation standards. Go to the public schools website and read about it. Gwinnett schools use various methods to achieve the mandated state requirements for graduation....most exceed minimum requirements.


sharongy 2 years, 5 months ago

The IE2 contract required the school system to meet higher student achievement measures. In return for agreeing to meet these higher standards, GCPS was not required to comply with twelve state educational laws. Our school board members agreed to a 5 year contract which established a goal for the percentage of students scoring in the "exceeds" range for state mandated tests.

If a subgroup within a school does not meet a goal for three of the five years then the sanctions include being turned into a charter school or put under the control of a nearby school district.

Based on historical test scores by subgroup by school, the county established different achievement goals by race, ethnicity and disability status. For example, in one school "Caucasian" students have a goal of 42.2% meeting the goals, "Black" students require 17%, "Hispanic" students 16.3%, "Asian" students 59.8%, "Multi-Racial" students 33.6%, "Students with Disabilities" 10.3%, "English Language Learners" 22.1%, and "Economically Disadvantaged" students 18.3%.

How do you feel about this GCPS contract?


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