LETTERS: Mayor Nunley will be missed

It was sad to read of former Loganville mayor Ray Nunley's passing. Ray was always considerate and responsive to Loganville citizens' concerns and needs.

Once, a few years back, I had a concern regarding work done on my property line by city workers. I called Ray, my city councilman, and asked if he would drop by to review the work at his convenience. Within the hour, I saw Ray pull up in his truck, look at the area, then drive away. Within 30 minutes, Ray had returned with two city workers and with a rake in his hand, supervised the necessary relandscaping of the area. When I walked out to thank him he said, "Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

I hope that whomever seeks to take over leading the city of Loganville will honor the work ethic and honesty of Ray Nunley. God bless his family during this time of loss.

-- D.W. Pyles