LETTERS: The love of my childhood

The love of my childhood

As I read Darrell Huckaby’s column (“Farewell to my first love,” April 13, 8A), it transported me back to a time in my life where things were good and life was great, no matter what.

I lived in a three-and-half room house; the half was the kitchen that doubled as just about anything. I fondly remember the one light in the center of the room. Only our parents controlled when the light came on and when it was turned off. The latter being time to go to sleep; no questions asked.

My earliest memory of the “Mouseketeer Club” was from around 1956. I was 5 and my younger brother was 4-and-a-half. Yes, we were close, not only in age, but our fondness of the “Mouseketeer Club.” We were poor, we just did not know it. Each day around 4 p.m. we put on our Mouseketeer ears that our aunt gave us and sat in a Mouseketeer rocking chair another aunt gave us. We watched the black-and-white TV with the intensity of today’s kids playing an online video game.

And yes, I did have a favorite: Annette Funicello. My brother also had a favorite, but really, at that age, I did not care. With the help of the Internet, I’ve found who I think it was, Karen, but I wouldn’t bet money on it. I was too interested in, as Darrell said, that dark-eyed and dark-haired Mouseketeer that could melt a young man’s heart 3,000 miles away — Annette.

So as Darrell said, I, too, would like to say farewell and, as Mickey said at the close of every show: “See you real soon.”

— Jonathan DeLoach