Witch hunt story comes to Snellville


• What: “The Crucible”

• When: Opens today, 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 2:30 p.m. Sundays, runs through April 28

• Where: New London Theatre, 2338 Henry Clower Blvd., Snellville

• Cost: $10 to $15

• For more information: Visit www.newlondontheatre.org

SNELLVILLE -- Author and playwright Arthur Miller has immortalized the Salem Witch Trials through his play "The Crucible."

Today, New London Theatre brings this classic story of love, scandal, jealousy, rumor and accusation to life.

The play is set in the 17th century when rumors of witches clouded the minds of people everywhere. In Salem, Mass., the paranoia spread through the community and many women were hanged and drown.

"There are two main reasons for us wanting to perform this show," Producer John Berlo said. "Firstly, this is a story that is taught in many of the schools, so we felt it would be a great experience for them to see the depth that is provided by seeing it performed live instead of just read from the book. Secondly, this is considered one of the great dramatic plays of our time. In keeping with our focus of bringing high-quality arts to the community, this show certainly fits that commitment."

The story starts with a group of girls dancing in the woods with a black slave. All of them were caught by a local minister, who disapproves, especially when one of the girls goes into a coma.

Rumors begin to fill the air about witchcraft and things take a turn for the worst.

The play runs through April 28.


Coolray 2 years, 6 months ago

How ironic, Snellville is the perfect backdrop for this story.


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