THE DISH: Butch's All American BBQ


Staff Photos: Meghan Kotowski Butch's serves, from left clockwise, pulled pork sandwiches with Brunswick stew, shredded chicken with cole slaw and baked beans, collard greens, potato salad and Kentucky style corn cakes.


The Buford spot is located and attached to a Chevron station.


Hillbilly taco — An extra large corn cake topped with pork or chicken, cole slaw, pickles and barbecue sauce, $6

• Rib tips — Served with one side and a corn cake, one pound, $10

Banana pudding — $2

• Family combo — Three large sides with 1 1/2 pound of meat, pork and chicken, $20.50


Butch's All American BBQ

Butch's All American BBQ

1925 Braselton Highway, Suite A, Buford



• Open since: July 28, 2012

• Owners: Butch and Linda Walker with daughter Melissa Kamphuis

• Location: Butch's is located at the intersection of Braselton Highway and Old Peachtree Road, connected to the Chevron station.

• Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, closed Sundays

Atmosphere: Cozy, comfy and warm. All of theses are words that can be used to describe Butch's small dining room. The walls are painted bright red and blue with knickknacks all over the place.

"Guests have brought us most of this stuff," co-owner Butch Walker said. "We love to put it up to make sure they know that they are a part of our space."

And they've collected everything from children's drawing to jerseys to a wooden carving of a massive pig.

There is a Wall of Honor, celebrating all branches of the military with flags and pictures of locals. Soon, Butch will put up a cork board for community news and a collage of pictures that the regulars have brought to his wife, Linda.

Since the family is big in the community, they give discounts to senior citizens, military personnel, law enforcement and EMS. Let the staff know before ordering for 10 percent off your meal.

• Menu: Butch's serves "Southern" barbecue, which means the menu has a mishmash of styles and flavors, but pork is king in this joint.

Walker smokes his meat with cherry, pecan and apple woods for several hours with his blended spice rub.

"We don't smoke way ahead of schedule," he said. "Usually, whatever we smoke is consumed before we smoke again."

The owners started with a large menu, then whittled it down to the crowd favorites, which also keeps the food fresh and made in-house.

"All of the sides are made fresh," Walker said. "Everything is cooked and eaten in 24-hours."

Co-owner and daughter Melissa Kamphuis added, "We don't actually have a freezer."

Produce is delivered twice a week and they get their bread from Engelman's Bakery in Norcross. The sandwiches are served on either toasted sourdough bread or yeast buns.

But the one thing that comes on almost every plate is the Kentucky style corn cakes -- it looks more like a pancake than a biscuit. It's made with corn meal, whole corn kernels, cheese and jalapenos.

"They are very good with some butter and collards," Kamphuis said.

If you have a sweet tooth, there is banana pudding, peach cobbler and Oreo pudding for dessert, but if it's out for the day, come back. It's made almost daily.

Things you might not know: Ribs are smoked and served Thursdays through Saturday. Rib tips are available every day.