Movie trivia contest -- April 12

So, you think you're good at movie trivia? Every week, we give readers the opportunity to flex their movie muscles by answering five trivia questions from our movie critic, Michael Clark.

Congratulations to last week's winner, Johnny Robinson of Lawrenceville.

Here are last week's questions again and the answers:

• Name the last person to host the Oscar telecast who was also nominated for an award on the same night.

A: Seth MacFarlane (2013 -- Best Original Song for "Ted")

• Name someone who won three or more Oscars for acting in a single five-year span.

A: Walter Brennan (1936-40)

• How many performers played multiple speaking characters in "The Wizard of Oz?"

A: Five -- Margaret Hamilton, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr and Jack Haley

• The first-ever album released on the Virgin label was included on the soundtrack of what landmark film?

A: "The Exorcist" ("Tubular Bells" by Mike Oldfield)

• In "The Truman Show," what country was the title character trying to travel to?

A: Fiji

Now, for this week's questions:

  1. What sport was played on the roof of the convenience store in "Clerks?"
  2. Which two fictional characters in different Quentin Tarantino movies were related to each other and a non-fictional singer?
  3. In what U.S. state is the majority of "Looper" set?
  4. Name a movie where Ben Kingsley played a criminal.
  5. In "Hit & Run" the lead characters' alias name is the same as which non-fictional person?

The first person to respond with all the correct answers receives a prize package of movie-related goodies. Please email your answers, along with your name to clarkwriter@mindspring.com.