Motion filed for DragonCon co-founder's bond

Edward Kramer

Edward Kramer

LAWRENCEVILLE -- An attorney for Ed Kramer is asking for his client to be released on bond, less than three months after the DragonCon co-founder was extradited to Gwinnett for violating the terms of his previous release.

Court records show attorney Brian Steel -- added recently to Kramer's list of high-powered defenders, including former U.S. Representative and presidential candidate Bob Barr -- filed a motion for bond last week in Gwinnett County Superior Court. Kramer is facing child molestation charges now as old as one of his teenaged accusers and was brought back to Gwinnett in January, where he has remained in jail since.

"Defendant respectfully requests an expeditious hearing on this Motion and at the conclusion of said hearing, Defendant requests that bond be reinstated by this Honorable Court," the motion, submitted to Judge Karen Beyers, said.

The charges against Kramer stem from allegations originally made by two boys, aged 13 and 15, who claimed the sci-fi convention co-founder molested them between 1996 and 2000. A third boy came forward in 2003.

Behind claims of poor health, requests for special accommodations and a long string of motions and appeals, Kramer has avoided trial since his original arrest in 2000. He was let off house arrest in 2008 on the condition he kept prosecutors abreast of his whereabouts, but, in late 2011, was arrested in Milford, Conn., after he was reportedly found alone in a motel room with a 14-year-old boy.

Kramer delayed his extradition to Gwinnett by more than a year, taking the issue as far as Connecticut's supreme court.No bond hearing had been scheduled as of Tuesday.

District Attorney Danny Porter said his office would fight any efforts to grant Kramer's release.

"Kramer has violated the terms of his previous bond," Porter said, "so we will oppose any bond being granted."