Coaches, players and fans of high school baseball throughout Gwinnett County be forewarned. There is a disturbing trend growing lately.

Coaches, if you receive a call from me or one of my colleagues here at the Gwinnett Daily Post, keep in mind a line made famous by actress Geena Davis in the 1986 remake of "The Fly."

"Be afraid. Be very afraid."

We've all heard of the "Sports Illustrated Jinx," which occurs when bad things seem to start happening to a player or team on the cover of the renowned periodical, or the "EA Sports Jinx," which dictates similar misfortune for players who adorn the package cover on a specific year's edition of one of the video giant's game.

Well, now the GDP is apparently having a similar strange and negative effect on the county teams we've been featuring in recent weeks.

This was pointed out to me by one unfortunate coach of a recent subject when I came out to his practice session in advance of a feature on his team's fast start.

It wasn't something I really thought much about until that time, but the evidence is compelling.

• Exhibit A: We plan a feature on a modest win streak put together by Meadowcreek, one that hasn't happened for quite a few years, scheduled to run on April 27.

Between the time we come out to the school to get interviews and take photos and the time the feature actually runs, the Mustangs get swept in a doubleheader with Central Gwinnett, and wind up going just 1-3-1 in their next five games.

• Exhibit B: Norcross wins eight of its first 10 games of the season, prompting us at the GDP sports department to run a similar feature.

Once again, between the time we gather the information and the story reaches print (and our website), the Blue Devils lose two straight games and three of their next four.

• Exhibit C: Lanier turns out to be the next victim after jumping out to an 11-3 start and winning its first four Region 8-AAAA games to tie for the region lead.

Once again, the GDP plans a feature, only to see the Longhorns lose both ends of a key series with Stephens County as it goes to press.

Now, before anyone gets any ideas, I am not the only common link in these tales of woe. Ben Beitzel wrote the Meadowcreek feature.

But no matter which form the Merchant of Misery takes, a phone call from a Daily Post reporter seems to indicate impending doom.

If so, then Duluth's Junior Fernandez and South Gwinnett's Ryan Patterson (as well as head coaches Matt Champitto of the Wildcats and Steve Teschner of the Comets) might want to be on your guard. You two are on deck and in the hole as the GDP Curse takes the mound.

Still, maybe we're jumping to conclusions here. Or maybe the curse only works on teams, rather than individuals. I guess we'll find out.

However, If you have any superstitions or magic words of some other method to evoke some positive mojo, you might want to look into using them.

It couldn't hurt, right?