POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Gwinnett GOP creates Spanish-language outreach

Gwinnett Republicans are working to outreach to the Hispanic community.

Last month, the GOP launched a Spanish language Facebook page, a complement to the local group's main page.

The Spanish page, created by Heather Alvarez, is a translated copy of the English page, but also has links to sites like Fox News Latino, Heritage Libertad and other sites promoting conservative content, a press release said.

The page, at www.facebook.com/PartidoRepublicanoGwinnett, had 50 likes as of Friday.

Too get additional fans for the page, party members created a Facebook ad to target Spanish speakers in metro Atlanta with an interest in politics. "Featuring a picture of a Mexican family holding flags, the ad copy translates to 'GOP for a better future. We stand for good education, safe communities and more money in your paycheck. Join us,'" the release stated.

In the release, the party members thanked the communications committee for working on the project.Marin honoredA Gwinnett legislator was named one of the most influential in the state by James Magazine.

Rep. Pedro Marin was tapped on the list of "Most Influential House Members" in the magazine, published by Insider Advantage.

"I am honored to be listed as one of the Most Influential House Members," said Marin, a Democrat who has represented the Duluth area for a decade. "This has been an exciting year for Democrats in Georgia. It truly means a lot to receive this recognition and to continue to serve my community."

Marin, one of the first Latinos elected to the General Assembly, serves on the Banks and Banking, Economic Development and Tourism, and Industry and Labor committees.

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AliceJohnson 2 years, 2 months ago

They say "We stand for good education, safe communities and more money in your paycheck. Join us," They should have added "And we want to deport you."


kevin 2 years, 2 months ago

Hispanic will not vote GOP no mater what they try to do for them. Look what Obama did for them in the past 4 yrs, nothing, and they still voted for this liar. Seems that once you are ignorant, you are always ignorant. Just look at the "poor." their numbers have increased under Obama, not decreased. What a scam. Obama has played all those that voted for him and has simply been making a fool out of them.


LilburnsFuture 2 years, 2 months ago

{Hispanic will not vote GOP no mater what they try to do for them.} Based on the last election, African Americans would not either. Looks like Anglo Americans better start making boat loads of babies because in 18 years the make up of voters will look drastically different!

Sorry Kevin, I don't believe in giving up like you do. However, you do have to learn how to speak to them. Obama spoke in spanish more often in his speeches than Romney. Obama knows how to reach Hispanics. However, George Bush spoke more spanish in his speeches than Gore.

Learning to communicate requires a two way street.


FordGalaxy 2 years, 2 months ago

You're not going to see relations built when you have a sitting President talking to a group of Hispanic voters and saying "We need to punish our enemies" in a not-so-thinly veiled verbal attack on Conservatives.

Not all Conservatives want to kick out every foreign-born person in the US. Many of us actually do understand that it was immigration that built this country. However, we do seek for the laws of this land to be honored, not just by citizens, but by politicians as well. The Obama Administration has proven they have no desire to enforce certain sections of federal law. They're too busy campaigning.


LilburnsFuture 2 years, 2 months ago

I'm sure there were a few who said, Hey Rosa Parks, quit stirring trouble and get in the back of the bus. If Republicans believe they can drum up hispanic support for GOP, more power to them.


SuxBeanU 2 years, 2 months ago

The gwinnett GOP better come up with an outreach program that that just keeps the gwinnett conservitives onboard.


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