Norcross Co-op begins new campaign

NORCROSS -- The Norcross Cooperative Ministry announced Friday that its Restoring Hope! initiative is transitioning into the Corporate Division phase. This will focus on business and industry in Norcross.

"Restoring Hope! is an outstanding opportunity to participate in transforming lives in our community," said Corporate Division co-chair Randy Fretz, who is with Columbia Property Trust. "Just as our families and businesses have been blessed, Restoring Hope! is a great way for us to help others who are trying so hard to free themselves from poverty and improve the lives of their families."

Through the initiative, Norcross Co-op will implement three programs, which include transforming lives by working with a minimum of 100 families, providing new and expanded services to families in need, and educating and communicating the needs in Norcross.

The Corporate Division team is comprised of 30 volunteers who are local business leaders. Each individual will reach out to other businesses to get additional support for the Norcross Co-op.

"We need the corporate community in Norcross to demonstrate their leadership for those in need," said Corporate Division co-chair Mark Waller, who works for Associated Credit Union. "We intend to exceed our fundraising goal in support of the Norcross Cooperative Ministry and the services they provide to thousands of people in our area of Gwinnett County."

The Corporate Division goal is $1 million pledged over the next five years.