LETTERS: Giving thanks for local school system

Giving thanks for local school systemTo Dr. Alvin Wilbanks and the Gwinnett Board of Education:

As I look around to our neighboring school systems, the following comment comes to mind -- Thanks.

— Bill Baughman, Snellville


kevin 2 years, 4 months ago

You can't really blame him for always complaining about needing more money. Why not ask? We all are asking for more money. However, the public sector seems to give out increased budgets much more easily then the private sector. I guess this is due to the tax rates they must pay. I still wouldn't leave the private sector with its freedom to use your own brain.


kthomas 2 years ago

Bill, you must sit on the winning side of one of Wilbank's famous rich-school/poor-school surgical redistricting jobs. The Sugar Hill area got the losing side when the North Gwinnett district was split to create the Lanier district. They defend the argument by pointing out that we have a fantastic state of the art new facility, which we do, but the split purged the illegal immigrants and lower income families from North and poured them into Lanier. This created a massively unbalanced set of demographics and vastly different learning environments. This allows Wilbanks to brag about his stellar schools while still begging for money for his 'poor' schools.


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