New suspects indicted in Dec. gang murder

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Three new suspects have been indicted in connection with the December murder of 21-year-old Malia Ross Robinson.

Twenty-five-year-old Omar "Demon" Santana was arrested and charged with Ross Robinson's Dec. 9 murder -- the alleged result of a nightclub altercation and subsequent shooting -- earlier this year. A Gwinnett County grand jury indicted him this week on murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, criminal gang activity and stalking charges.

The same indictment brought the latter two charges against three suspects not previously indicated in the case: Crystal "Fuzzy" Ruiz; Jose Camilo "Kermit" Sierra Morales; and Lily Thi "Lonely" Nguyen. Jail records showed none had been arrested as of Thursday afternoon.

All four defendants in the case are believed to be members of the La Gran Familia gang.

According to authorities, the incident that led to Ross Robinson's death began Dec. 8 at the Liquid Ultra Lounge nightclub in Norcross. Two gang-affiliated groups reportedly began arguing at the club before Ross Robinson and her group left.

The second group -- now believed to be comprised of Santana, Ruiz, Morales and Nguyen -- followed to them to a nearby gas station, however, and then to a home some 10 miles away on Phil Niekro Parkway, police said. Shots were fired, and responding police found Ross Robinson shot and lying on the ground outside the home at about 4:15 a.m.

An aspiring model, she passed away at the hospital.

Police have previously said that Ross Robinson was not an active gang member, but likely knew her friends were.