Alleged shoplifter shot by police now in jail

Louis Grady Richardson

Louis Grady Richardson

LILBURN -- Last month, Louis Grady Richardson got shot over a frozen pizza.

This week, the 62-year-old went to jail for it.

Online detention center records show 62-year-old Louis Richardson, shot March 18 by a Lilburn police officer after allegedly attempting to steal a frozen pizza, was booked at about 6 p.m. Wednesday and charged with theft by shoplifting, obstruction of a law enforcement officer and aggravated assault.

Previously listed in critical condition following the incident, Richardson is being held without bond.

Richardson reportedly tried to nab a frozen pizza from the Family Dollar store on Lawrenceville Highway that afternoon, stuffing it under his shirt before being spotted by employees. A physical struggle ensued when a responding officer confronted the man and the officer deployed his Taser, police said.

Richardson, though, allegedly snatched the Taser away and the officer -- a seven-year veteran of the force with an "excellent service record," authorities said -- shot him in the chest and face.

Jail records listed an address directly behind the Family Dollar's shopping center for Richardson, whose mug shot showed his head wrapped in bandages.