Party scuffle leads to hit-and-run injury

Evan Whitfield McGehee

Evan Whitfield McGehee

AUBURN -- An unwanted guest at an early-morning party led to a driveway scuffle where one man left with road rash after hanging from a vehicle, and a woman suffered a severe broken leg.

The incident happened at 5747 Wheeler Road in Auburn on March 22, and an arrest warrant was filed on March 24 for Evan Whitfield McGehee, 21, for committing a hit and run that caused a serious injury. The woman injured in the incident suffered a broken bone that stuck out of her upper left leg, according to the warrant. McGehee also didn't call 911 after the incident, a police report said.

McGehee, a Buford resident, was booked and released from the Gwinnett jail on March 24.

A Gwinnett County police officer who was dispatched to the party just after 2 a.m. said several people at the house didn't want McGehee at the party, and some got in an argument with him, a police report said. In an interview with police, McGehee said one of the victims spit on his car and attacked him in the car.

McGehee then put his car in reverse to get away, but then struck one victim while another temporarily hung on to the car.

At Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville where the victims went for treatment, the officer reported that, "it seemed like no one wanted to cooperate and give me a straight story."

"Due to the strange nature of this call and the injuries that happened, an incident report was complete despite the victim not cooperating," the officer wrote in the report.


AGoodKing 2 years, 1 month ago

I am surprised that given the history of this address, with all the underage drinking, the size of these huge, almost WEEKLY PARTIES, that the Police haven't just shut this party house down completely. Any given Friday night there will be 30, 40 or more vehicles filling the front yard and more lined up and down side of the street. Kids, spilling out the door, off the porch and running around in the yard and out in the woods. Visitors to this house, which is really not much more than a shack, are greeted by a door mat, arrogantly advising the police to come back with a warrant. In the past, I have been able to locate one or more of my own children at this address. Cops have been called, kids scatter and then -they do it all over again. This is not some secret thing happening here, so why is it still going on? We have two serious injuries here. How long before someone gets killed? Perhaps a car full of 16 year olds? Or a partygoer ends up plowing into a car filled with someone's family? What if it were your kid?


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