Former NBA, Tech player indicted on murder charges

Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton was indicted on murder charges along with his cousin in a case officials call a gang-related shooting that took place Atlanta in 2011.

No trial date has been set.

Crittenton, 25, and Douglas Gamble heard of 12-count indictment in Atlanta's Fulton County District Court. Officers allege Crittenton fired a gun that killed a mother of two, Julian Jones, who was walking in a group of people. Officials suspect the incident was retaliatory, citing Crittenton as the victim of a robbery during which he had $50,000 of jewelry stolen.

Crittenton is from the Atlanta area and attended Georgia Tech. He was drafted in the first round of the 2007 draft by the Los Angeles Lakers and played for the Memphis Grizzlies and Washington Wizards.

While rehabbing an injury as a member of the Wizards, Crittenton was suspended 38 games during the 2009-10 season for pulling a gun on teammate Gilbert Arenas. Arenas and others alleged the confrontation was a spillover from a card game on a team flight.


kayak 2 years, 3 months ago

Just another ignorant thug who values "his street cred" more than his God-given athletic ability and the life he could of enjoyed if his priorities were squared away.


DonPedro_SanGomez_de_Martinez 2 years, 3 months ago

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.


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