Peachtree Corners sees interest growing in alcohol tastings

PEACHTREE CORNERS -- The concept of beer growlers is not new, but for the city of Peachtree Corners it's something that is making its way into the community.

In last month's City Council meeting, the mayor and council approved a new business (Peachtree Growlers Co.) which specializes in the growlers concept.

Now, interest may be growing for other businesses in the community as was evident from Tuesday's city council meeting.

"A lot of businesses are interested in this concept," City Manager Julian Jackson said. "There is interest in letting folks sample wine and beer in limited amounts."

City Attorney William Riley said the way he's seen it done is for businesses to participate, a certain amount of space has to be devoted to that product.

"If a grocery store wants to do it like Trader Joe's or Kroger, there would need to be something like 400 feet of committed space to wine or beer," he said. "It can be crafted as an attractive piece of commerce."

When multiple council members brought up the concern about the amount of alcohol consumed in a given time period, Riley said an ordinance would limit it to a certain number of tastings per person.

"I like the idea," Councilman James Lowe said. "It gives you a chance to sample something before you buy it. Other cities are doing it and I think it's a great concept to do here."

In the only other piece of business discussed, Jackson said the Metro Atlanta Mayors Association is pushing a resolution to partner with the Georgia Department of Revenue in an effort to ensure proper payment of sales tax.

"Instead of having a statement as to what is being paid in the county, this would break it down even further to the city," Jackson said. "It will basically tell us how much business is done within the city."