LETTERS: No such thing as 'federal' money

The recent viewpoint by state AARP director of Georgia Greg Tanner ("How much is a fellow Georgian's life worth?" March 24, 10 A) was very indicative of liberals. Georgia must, Mr Tanner wailed, take the $30 billion of "federal government money" to temporarily support medical programs in Georgia.

I am not smart enough to solve all the problems of Georgia but I do wish to remind Tanner and all too many others that there is no such thing as "federal government money." These are taxpayer dollars that are being taken from us and redistributed by politicians and bureaucrats. And the money certainly is not free.

Yes, something needs to be done to assist those without insurance, but stop acting like it's free money just lying there for the taking.

-- Ernest Wade



notblind 2 years, 6 months ago

Non-profit CEO's and gooberment bureaucrats everywhere think people like Mr. Wade are complete knuckleheads. They think the gooberment has all this free money that they have to get rid of somehow so why not take it ? FREE MONEY !!!!! WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY !


kevin 2 years, 5 months ago

The AARP has become a very Liberal organization over the past 10 yrs. All this org worries about is making money selling millions of people insurance, and at prices higher than they could find on their own. The pushed so hard to tell so many seniors that ObamaCare would be the best thing in the world for them and now they are finding out that seniors will be taking a big hit in a few months. Both higher monthly premiums on the way, less doctors to pick from, higher copays, and worst of all, the loss of the Medicare Advantage program, saving the government over $500 billion; all at the expense4 of senior citizens. I wouldn't give $1 to the AARP for anything. If you can't win in the voting, win by picking and choosing where to spend your money. Don't make trips to states that went to Obama for starters. Support only those places that voted like you did.


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