County to purchase Norcross' water system for $2 million

NORCROSS -- Gwinnett County will purchase the city of Norcross' water/wastewater system for a price of $2 million, following a vote to move forward with the sale by City Council members Monday night.

The changeover, which will affect the city's current 2200 water and sewer accounts, will result in about a 10 percent rate increase per household based on an average 6,000 gallon per year usage.

According to a notice advertising the proposed sale, the city's water and sewer system will soon require major improvements. Gwinnett County's system, which currently serves about 240,000 customers, is better positioned to perform those repairs and improvements than is the city.

Councilman Keith Shewbert voiced a concern Monday, stating that he wants the incoming $2 million to be earmarked for capital projects rather than simply be added to the city's general fund. Mayor Bucky Johnson and other councilmen agreed to discuss the matter and make that decision at the next policy session.

Former Norcross mayor Lillian Webb addressed Johnson and council members during the meeting, stating that she believes Norcross is being "short changed" by the $2 million price tag.

Councilman Craig Newton said later in the discussion that "Two million dollars was the best we could do following months of negotiation with the county."

City to buy old cotton gin

Council members voted Monday to approve the city's purchase of the old cotton gin, located at 125 Lawrenceville St.

The property, to be purchased for $632,500, "is a good property for the city to own," Shewbert said.

With its central location and proximity to city hall, the land will provide room for parking and other expansion as the city requires.

Norcross station restrooms to be converted to all women's facilities

Council members also voted to go ahead with the proposed conversion of all the restrooms at Norcross Station. The winning bidder, Tailor Made Enterprises, presented a plan to perform the work at a cost not to exceed $35,000.

The reason for the conversion is to alleviate the long lines that build during Thrasher Park and other city events.

Mayor and council pay to be considered soon

A Monday agenda item listed as "Mayor and council pay" was tabled until the city's next policy session.


kevin 2 years, 6 months ago

Yep, we got $2mill laying around to buy a broken plant. No wonder our tax bills keep rising at the whim of the Gwinnett BOC. Replace them all for someone new. Never re-elect.


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