'Rocky Horror' invades New London Theatre


• What: “The Rocky Horror Show”

• When: Oct. 12 to 28

• Where: New London Theatre, 2338 Henry Clower Blvd., Snellville

• Cost: $12.60

• For more information: Visit www.newlondontheatre.org

SNELLVILLE -- It's just a jump to the left and a step to the right over to New London Theatre as "The Rocky Horror Show" opens at the Snellville venue Oct. 12.

"The movie became such a cult. I went as Brad in the '70s on the weekends at midnight," Director Scott Rousseau said. "The continuation as a cult is amazing to say the least. How fun is this play in Snellville for Halloween? It's more adult and risque, but very fun."

For those of you who aren't a part of the "Rocky Horror" fan club, here's the low-down: a couple stumbles upon a transvestite convention at an eerie mansion that is filled with aliens from a different planet and the craziness continues throughout the show with music, props and crazy costumes.

With such a following, the theater wants the audience to know that it isn't trying to recreate the movie scene by scene.

"First of all, the live show is a whole new experience for those who have only seen the movie," Rousseau said. "The (stage) layout of the show is much more simple ... and the audience is used to screaming at the characters (on a screen). In the stage version, the play bites back."

Just like the movie and other live performances of the story, props will be available by the venue to interact with the cast, but no outside props will be allowed in.

"We're going to have the bags for sale with the props you need to participate," Rousseau said. "Unfortunately, there's no food because it makes a mess. We've substituted confetti for rice."

Although the experience won't be like being at the movies, the audience will be in for a treat, according to Rousseau.

"The thing is we're putting on our version of the stage show and not copying the movie. I've gone back to the roots," he said. "It's a fun Halloween show about aliens, the earth and old movies -- a light weight show for the holiday."

The play is not recommended for children due to sexual content and situations.