Lilburn hires public relations manager

LILBURN -- The city of Lilburn has hired a public relations manager to "increase the visibility and credibility of the city government."

The city recently announced the hiring of Nikki Young to the role of public relations manager. Young most recently worked for the Hall County government as a public information officer. Prior to that, the Braselton resident was a reporter and editor for newspapers in Gainesville, Braselton and Hoschton.

Young's responsibilities will include encouraging better communication between the city and its residents, boosting citizen involvement in city events and initiatives and increasing Lilburn's exposure beyond its boundaries, officials said.

"I will work to make Lilburn residents more aware of our services, operations and events so that they can get the most out of their city government," Young said in a statement. "Promoting the positive aspects of the city will help Lilburn reach its goal of becoming a destination for non-residents."


gwinnettresident1 3 years ago

If you got the money flaunt it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent even had a pay raise in 6 years and i work for the county of Gwinnett..My bad should have been employed by Lilburn, they have received 5% pay raises in two years and That hopey changy thing must be working for them.


dav 3 years ago

Easiest job in the world when the only direction you can go is up


NewsReader 3 years ago

The city of Lilburn has hired a public relations manager to "increase the visibility and credibility of the city government."

LOL, I don't really believe there is a visibility problem where government is concerned. Credibility on the other hand...


jack 3 years ago

Porcine cosmetologist?


jonesjt1 3 years ago

This is just a "made up" job! That is probably the weakest job description I have ever heard! She needs to be more specific and tell us what she is going to do for the city of Lilburn. What an absolute waste of Lilburn taxpayer money! Someone needs to investigate the hiring of this person.


kevin 3 years ago

doesn't the staff in this city have managers and leaders to make their employees communicate with the public. Sounds more like the city needs to replace a lot of workers who won't serve the public. This IS another example of a waste of taxpayer money. Period. This is more laughable then anything else. What about the mayor? Do that person know what to do to lead people? If this is a problem that is worth "wasting" taxpayer money on, then it is time to replace the leaders and staff. I wouldn't want to live in such a city in which the government can't find a way to do this itself. But then again. What can you expect form government besides waste and corruption and power?


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