Woman arrested, admits to entering-auto spree

WINDER -- A Jefferson woman who admitted to a dozen entering auto incidents is being held at the Barrow County Detention Center after police picked her up while physically struggling with one of the victims Thursday night outside a YMCA.

Winder Police responded to the YMCA located on Brad Akins Drive at 8:30 p.m. in reference to a member of the athletic club who was in the act of physically detaining Raemonda Inscho, 38, in the parking lot.

According to Officer Chris Cooper, "a male subject, Lyndon Tubbs, was trying to restrain the struggling female." After officers separated the two, Tubbs told them that he suspected she had stolen several items from his vehicle.

Tubbs told the officers that earlier when he was attempting to leave the YMCA, he found an iPhone that did not belong to him lying in the front seat of his vehicle.

According to Cooper: "(Tubbs) tried to turn the phone in at the front desk of the YMCA," when he received a phone call from his wife.

"Tubbs' wife informed him that she had just called police due to several times that were missing from their vehicle. Those items included a video recorder, an iPhone, some checks, clothing items and book bags belonging to their children."

At that point, the report states, "a frantic female ran into the lobby of the YMCA where Tubbs was attempting to turn in the cell phone he found. The female stated that she had lost her phone and immediately grabbed the phone Tubbs had and ran out of the building."

Suspecting that she could be the same person who had taken his belongings, Tubbs ran after her and held her in the parking lot until Winder Police arrived.

Cooper said the keys to Inscho's car were still in the ignition and the dash lights were on "as if someone had left the vehicle in a hurry. A witness also told police they saw her running from the car into the building.

After searching the vehicle, police discovered the items that belonged to Tubbs as well as "other bags containing various electronic items, credit cards, cell phones and other suspicious property in plain view inside the vehicle."

Winder Police had the vehicle towed to the police department to conduct a detailed inventory of its contents. Cooper said police later found bags containing dozens of drivers' licenses, credit and debit cards, cell phones GPS devices and more. He said the officials also found a makeup bag "that contained a large quantity of a crystal-like substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine."

Inscho is being held at the detention center with one charge each of entering auto, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and possession of drug-related objects.

Winder Police are working with law enforcement agencies in Barrow, Jackson, Banks, Clarke and Oconee counties to locate other possible victims based on the addresses found on the various drivers' licenses that were recovered.

Winder Police are asking anyone who has been a victim of entering auto theft within the last month in these areas to contact their local law enforcement agency to determine if any of the property recovered might belong to them.

Anyone in the Winder area who believes their car was entered within the last month is asked to contact Winder Police Detective Gregg Teatino at 678-425-6873.


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