Candidates named for open Superior Court judgeship

Four candidates have been recommended to fill Gwinnett's open Superior Court judgeship.

The state's Judicial Nominating Commission recently submitted recommendations to fill the vacancy created after Gov. Nathan Deal appointed now-former Gwinnett Superior Court Judge William Ray to the state Court of Appeals. Deal will now schedule interviews and make an appointment from the list of candidates submitted by the nominating commission.

The nominees include three local judges and an assistant district attorney from DeKalb County.

-- George F. Hutchinson III, chief magistrate judge, Gwinnett County

-- John S. Melvin, deputy chief assistant district attorney, DeKalb County

-- Randy Rich, state court judge, Gwinnett County

-- Robert D. Walker Jr., magistrate court judge, Gwinnett County


kevin 3 years ago

The voters in Gwinnett have not heard a word about any of these people. If they do not "court" the voter with their backgrounds, they will most likely vote against the people that are being recommended here. We do not trust government anymore so why would we trust who they are telling us to vote for?


Jeff 3 years ago

Kevin, no one is asking for a vote. The Gov will appoint someone.


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