Principal: Students posted about attacks on school

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A group of students at Mountain View High School allegedly shared plans on Facebook to carry out a violent attack at the school.

Keith Chaney, principal of the Lawrenceville high school, sent a letter home to parents Tuesday detailing the incident that led to the discipline of three students.

Several parents and students "expressed concerns that some of our students had shared plans on a social media site to carry out a violent act at school," Chaney's letter said. "We immediately called police, informing them of this situation."

School officials and police investigated the reports and spoke with several students, ultimately determining that "the students involved did not plan on acting out what they had discussed," Chaney wrote. Disciplinary action has been taken against the three students, and one will face criminal charges for allegedly bringing an unassembled airsoft gun to school, the principal said.

School officials could not be reached for comment late Tuesday night.

Chaney said the system took the threats "very seriously."

"When we learn of potential threats, we are diligent in tracking these rumors down and assessing their validity, while ensuring we maintain a safe school atmosphere," he wrote.

The principal urged parents to help monitor their children's social media use.

"Please use this current situation as an opportunity to talk to your children about this issue," Chaney wrote. "It is important that they realize the significance of their posts and texts and how their comments can be misunderstood or how a rumor can take on a life of its own."