Snellville approves urban redevelopment plan

SNELLVILLE -- The Snellville City Council adopted Monday an "urban redevelopment plan," an undertaking meant to begin the process of helping rejuvenate four struggling sectors of the city.

The council voted unanimously at Monday's meeting to approve the plan created by the city's Urban Redevelopment Agency. Acting under Georgia's Urban Redevelopment Act, the plan will seek to get state funding and incentives to "rehabilitate, conserve or redevelop" certain areas of Snellville.

A total of four areas of the city were identified in the study as having a "critical need for intervention:"

• The Towne Center at Snellville area, which includes the City Hall and police department areas, as well as the intersection of U.S. Highway 78 and Ga. Highway 124: "Many of the properties are older and need updating to stay current."

• The Eastside Medical Center area: "The hospital's ongoing expansion plans lead growth in this largely retail and professional service area. As the surrounding retail area ages there will be critical opportunities to redevelop portions of this redevelopment area."

• The "Highway 78 west-side area," which is comprised mainly of retail and commercial uses along the U.S. Highway 78 corridor: "There are numerous curb cuts on U.S. 78 and most businesses lack inter-parcel access. Some commercial structures along the corridor are declining or vacant."

• The Lenora Church Road area, which includes the area around and south of Briscoe Park (and does not, thanks to a motion from Councilman Bobby Howard, include the No Business Creek area): The area will "provide an opportunity for the city to improve the quality of life factors and an opportunity to encourage redevelopment of declining neighborhoods," the plan says.

The full study can be found on the city's website at www.snellville.org.

The sole member of the public that spoke up during a public hearing on the issue Monday advised against the action, specifically targeting the section of the Urban Redevelopment Act necessitating cities to deem areas up for redevelopment as "slums."

The resident feared such a designation would hurt the image of the four areas included in the plan.


kevin 3 years ago

I hope they aren't putting in any Target stores. I keep getting this email warning me not to shop there. "'Recently we asked the local TARGET store to be a proud Sponsor of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall during our
Spring recognition event.

We received the following reply From the local TARGET management:

'Veterans do not meet our Area of giving. We only donate to the arts, social action
Groups, gay & lesbian causes, and education.'"


mustardandbiscuit 3 years ago

Are you serious?? Well, for THOSE reasons alone, I will no longer shop at Tardget.


NewsReader 3 years ago

Are you serious Kevin? This whole Target thing is a bunch of crap that has already been debunked by SNOPES. Please take the time to post that which you already know beyond a reasonable doubt to be true or have taken the time to research it for yourself.


mustardandbiscuit 3 years ago

Maybe you missed this part, Mrs. Keller: "We received the following reply From the local TARGET management:" He received a direct response. Sounds to me like something he knows beyond a reasonable doubt, fool?!


TOWG 3 years ago

There is no denying the areas mentioned need some updating and improvement. It's a good start.


BuzzG 3 years ago

Urban redevelopment plans rarely work. The politicians feel they have to put up a show.


teelee 3 years ago

How about hiring more police and increase patrols, crack down on crime, litter, graffiti, property maintenance violations and gangs. There are reasons why a large number of the law abiding people have moved away from Snellville and why some of the top businesses have pulled out. The stinking concrete divider on Hwy 78 did not help businesses either. Section 8 apartments and pay by the week suites have brought in nothing but crime and drugs.


mustardandbiscuit 3 years ago

To be quite honest, teelee, it's not "how many" police officers you have on the department, it's "how you allocate them". Presently, it seems that the emphasis is on traffic enforcement and traffic-related drug arrests rather than residential & mercantile patrol, especially overnight.


HeWhoKnowsAll 3 years ago

I've heard that about Snellville PD. It's all about revenue.


JHogan 3 years ago

Re the Hwy 78 west-side area:


"A 4 ½ mile collector road project along Highway 78 will receive additional funding from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), advancing the project funding goals by $283,000.

"After careful review, ARC has awarded an additional $283,000 in LCI funds to be applied to the Walton Ct. phase of what has become a 4 ½ mile collector road, beginning at Walton Court and terminating at Jessica Daron Court, just above Yellow River along Highway 78. “As we neared the end of the federal fiscal year, we began working to use an unobligated balance of federal funds that would otherwise have expired. So, we offered our LCI recipients an opportunity for additional funding on shovel ready projects,” said Dan Reuter, ARC’s Land Use Planning Division Chief. “This additional funding.... helped the Evermore CID keep their project moving on schedule.”

This is also called an "inter-parcel access road."


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