GCPS SAT scores increase

Gwinnett SAT scores by school

SAT total scores for 2012 by high school include the following:

—Buford City, 1498

— Archer, 1454

— Berkmar, 1370

— Brookwood, 1614

— Central Gwinnett, 1438

— Collins Hill, 1557

— Dacula, 1509

— Duluth, 1531

— Grayson, 1495

— GSMST, 1941

— Lanier, 1442

— Meadowcreek, 1355

— Mill Creek, 1550

— Mountain View, 1516

— Norcross, 1511

— North Gwinnett, 1595

— Parkview, 1587

— Peachtree Ridge, 1547

— Phoenix, 1251

— Shiloh, 1375

— South Gwinnett, 1339

SUWANEE — Results from the Class of 2012’s Scholastic Aptitude Test showed a seven-point increase over the previous year’s scores in Gwinnett County Public Schools.

In addition, the state’s largest district topped state and national averages on all sections of the assessment including critical reading, math and writing.

“This year’s results are good news for Gwinnett County Public Schools,” said Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks. “I am pleased with the progress our schools are making as a whole. We know that SAT scores are a benchmark used by many to assess how well schools are doing and this increase is something we should celebrate.”

Added Wilbanks: “However, we also know there is still work to be done in terms of helping all students achieve at higher levels and we are committed to making that happen.”

The composite score for GCPS on the SAT was 1,518, a combination of the average critical reading score of 503, the average mathematics score of 522 and the average writing score of 493.

At Buford City Schools, students averaged a score of 1498. “I’m extremely proud of our scores,” said Principal Banks Bitterman. “Students and staff have worked incredibly hard.”

In 2011, Buford City posted a combined score of 1570.

The college entrance assessment — which is designed to test subject matter learned by students in high school and the critical thinking skills to succeed in post-secondary institutions — has three sections, each worth 800 points, for a highest possible score of 2,400.

At the state level, Georgia’s senior class also saw an increase of seven points as the nation’s scores decreased by two points, according to the College Board’s 2012 SAT report.

According to a news release from the state department of education, Georgia students scored 1,452 on the SAT. “I’m extremely pleased that SAT scores increased so much this year,” said State School Superintendent John Barge. “We jumped ahead of several states in our overall score, even as we saw our participation rate continue to increase.”

At the state level, increases were seen even as the rate of students taking the test went up by one point to 81 percent, compared to the national average test-taking rate of 31 percent.

Over the past two years, GCPS has seen a 23.4-percent increase in SAT participation. In 2010, there were 6,320 students who took the SAT in Gwinnett. In 2012, Gwinnett had 7,798 test takers — an increase of 1,478 over a two-year period.

In 2011, GCPS had an average of 1511, a 21-point decrease from the 2010 score of 1532. Despite the decrease, the district still topped state and national averages on the assessment.


Sandykin 1 year, 6 months ago

I don't think the SAT accurately reflects how well the schools are performing. At most, these scores reflect the progress made by the college bound portion of the student body, as those not bound for college are likely not taking the honors and AP classes that the test takers are.


BuzzG 1 year, 6 months ago

How sad it is that we have no real way to measure the progress (or lack thereof) by our schools. We end up relying on the SAT, which does not even test those who are not college bound. At least the SAT is not cheated on by the educators themselves.


pcjohn 1 year, 6 months ago

At least we HOPE there is no cheating on the SAT.


news2me 1 year, 6 months ago

I thought all GA HS students take the SAT? Has that changed?


Say_that_again 1 year, 6 months ago

Assuming you are really interested: http://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d10/tables/dt10_154.asplink text This gives a table showing that % of students taking it varies by state with a low of 3% to a high of 86% for 2009-2010 school year. Since the percent changes very little by year, the improvement is significant but a comparison with other states with different percentages is not accurate. The SAT costs $50 and limited testing sites, usually on Saturday. Georgia seniors tested was 74% in 2009-2010 school year, don't have the numbers for Gwinnett. To my knowledge, Gwinnett has never required all seniors to take the SAT. The test is for College entry so it is rare for anyone to take it before their junior year.


SickandTired 1 year, 6 months ago

News2Me....only students applying to college or the service academies (Naval Acad, West Point....) need to take the SATs. SAT and ACT tests are not a GA HS graduation requirement. You might be thinking of the GHSGT a graduation test and essay that is a requirement to get a HS diploma and does not involve a fee. However, students entering 9th grade in 2011-2012 will only be required to pass a writing test. the rules in GA keep changing because they found a lot of students could not pass the initial 4 core competency tests AND a writing portion. So the test was "dumbed down" ( I know...I know I'm going hear backlash on that comment but it's the truth). This state cannot afford to have the HS graduation rate drop any lower than it its.


kevin 1 year, 6 months ago

"combined score of 1570" What is the "uncombined" scores so we can see how bad things were in reading & understanding.


Say_that_again 1 year, 6 months ago

Download the PDF where it image is labeled: "Document SAT Scores" It gives break down by school as well as averages for the county, state and national. If you can't get it, you may need to download the free adobe reader.


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