LETTERS: Actions in Libya denounced

As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (GA Chapter), I strongly condemn the senseless murders of the Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans by the Libyan mob protesting the film which ridicule's the Prophet of Islam and his life.

Although, I feel deeply hurt that this movie attempts to trash the character of our beloved Prophet, I believe that this hateful effort is not worth anybody's reaction or time. So, to see the Muslim world reacting with violence and loss of innocent lives is extremely disturbing.

While it is important for Muslims around the globe to stop this outburst of violence and to show their hurt and displeasure in peaceful ways, it is equally important for the Obama administration to keep a closer eye on all extremist minds working to spread hate and disorder in our own country.

-- Saima Ahmad



kevin 1 year, 7 months ago

Another apology. The criminals should be apologizing. How do I trust a Muslim across the street. Do good Muslims hang American flags in the front of their house. How can I be sure I do not live next to a radical group? No one around Altanta socializes with their neighbors here like they do in cities that are close knit, like in the deep South. Americans have every right to be skeptical about any Muslim that lives around them. They have moved into this country all over the place, not just in a certain community. Look at what is going on in Europe. Their people resist any kind of European way of life and are attacking Christians all over that country. I know this from people that live in Europe. Do not think that most Muslim immigrants that live in this country are poor either. If they want Americans to accept them, they should be learning our customs and not be allowed to throw their way of life on us. After all, they came here on their own free will and I sure do not know their purpose for coming here.


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