District looks to hire 10 teachers from pool of thousands

SUWANEE -- The human resources officer for Gwinnett County Public Schools has been doing her job for two decades now.

And never in her 20 years has she ever seen a "bumper crop" of new job applicants quite like the group awaiting openings in the local school district.

"Give or take, there are about 15,000 to 20,000 teachers in the hiring pool," Frances Davis said. "It's a whole lot of people out there looking for a teaching position with Gwinnett County Public Schools."

During a staffing report at the Gwinnett County Public Schools board of education work session Thursday, Davis told leaders with the district that they're looking to hire about 10 teachers to fill vacancies.

Davis said that during the current academic year, the district has hired a total of 720 teachers. The number includes 405 educators who are new to GCPS, 231 part-time rehires and 84 retired teachers who came back to the school system for the 2012-13 year.

The report followed news on Sept. 7 that, at 164,694, enrollment for the current school year exceeded forecasts by 2,059 students.

Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks said the school system would likely "address any growing pains, using proven processes for hiring additional teachers and adjusting classes as needed.

Davis said the district's current staff of teachers is about 2,000 less than the number of educators five years ago.


kevin 3 years ago

Why is it being allowed to "rehire" teachers that went on their retirement pensions when there are so many thousand new teachers waiting to get hired? The older ones need to move on and make way for new ideas. There is something wrong with this decision to rehire people already retired and the Commissioner needs to stop this from happening ASAP. Taxpayers demand better than this. The system shouldn't be set up to promise those oldie but goodies to supplement their pension with our tax money. The new teachers also come in at the bottom of the pay scale, which also saves the County money. Wake up and ask Mr. Wilbanks some questions about why he allows this hiring practice to continue. There is no excuse for this to be the "way it is.".


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