Ga. mom accosted for breast-feeding in Applebee's

COVINGTON — A Georgia woman says a restaurant manager called police after becoming upset that she was breast-feeding her child in a booth.

Dawn Holland says she was nursing her 20-month-old son in the back of an Applebee's restaurant in Covington southeast of Atlanta when the manager told her to breast-feed in the bathroom or leave. Holland says the manager called police when she refused.

An officer responded to the restaurant Saturday, but decided not to file an incident report after hearing both sides. Holland says she felt humiliated and left the restaurant without eating.

Applebee's corporate office later released a statement saying the chain strives to provide a comfortable environment for customers "including nursing mothers who have the right to nurse in public."


Eaglesroc_1 3 years ago

I'm all for breastfeeding, I did it with my kids, there is a time and place!! Buy a pump like most do!!!!


TOWG 3 years ago

20 months old? My 2 were weaned long before that. AW maybe?


bgw1940 3 years ago

I was eating pork chops when I was 20 months old.


Gundoctor1 3 years ago

this morning next to this article is a planned protest in Savannah for moms that breastfeed in public. Think this is related? Surely not. Who cares??


news2me 3 years ago

We are probably missing the accounts from the other patrons that complained to management about her entitlement to breast feed in public. I highly doubt the police would have been called if she had not have had an outburst about her entitlement as well. Now the spotlight is on her and her so-called rights. Let her have her 15 minutes and hopefully she will see fit not to raise that toddler with entitlement issues like she has.


dman 3 years ago

$10 says that she probably didnt even cover up. Certainly, if you sitting down in the sit and a blanket over the child and the chest...how could anyone complain? but my guess, is she whipped it out in front of the patrons and let this almost 2 yr. old go to town like a calf on it's mother.


ck2900 3 years ago

I just wonder if this whole thing was planned. Did she go looking for a confrontation? When is the lawsuit coming? She has a lawyer now. This whole thing is about money. Do the rest of us have any rights when we go into a restaurant to eat? I personally don't care to watch a morbidly obese woman breast feed while I am trying to eat. A few weeks ago another woman was potty training a kid at the table of a restaurant. Do the rest of us have to put up with that when we eat. I think next time I'm at a restaurant I'll just bring a bucket to relieve myself at the table and see if anybody minds.


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