Report: Suspected drunk driver claimed to be cop

STONE MOUNTAIN -- Gwinnett police say a Stone Mountain man lied about being a fellow officer when he was caught driving nearly three times more intoxicated than Georgia law allows.

Warren Berry, 54, was pulled over in his truck about 3 a.m. Sunday on Annistown Road near Castle Club Drive. An officer wrote in a report he'd witnessed Berry weave in and out of his lane several times.

With slurred speech, Berry told an officer he worked for DeKalb County police as an officer. He registered a blood-alcohol level of .227 percent on a breath test that he agreed to, according to a police report.

Berry then pointed police to a badge he said was on the truck's floor, which police could not find, though they did note a DeKalb police badge sticker on the truck's window. Police checked with the DeKalb department, who said Berry was not employed there, the report states.

En route to jail, Berry reportedly called the officer's attention to his military history.

"Did you see that Marine sticker on my truck?" he implored, according to the report. "You can't take a Marine to jail."

Berry was charged with impersonating an officer, a felony, and cited for DUI and improper lane change. He remained jailed Monday on $7,770 bond.