Copeland's dad planning to write a book


• What: Aimee’s Welcome Home

• When: 5 to 8 p.m. today

• Where: Snellville Town Green, 2342 Oak Road

• More info: A free concert will be held before Aimee Copeland, the South Gwinnett High School graduate recovering from a rare flesh-eating bacteria, holds a meet-and-greet with the public

SNELLVILLE -- Andy Copeland is writing a book.

Aimee Copeland's father posted a blog entry Thursday, his first since late July. In it he described Aimee's recent appearance on Katie Couric's new daytime talk show, gave a quick update about what's to come and described his daughter as a "vessel to minister to many."

He also mentioned that he's working on compiling a book about his family's journey since May 1, when 24-year-old Aimee contracted a flesh-eating bacteria that claimed her feet and hands.

"I have taken copious notes throughout our entire ordeal and I am in the process of compiling those notes into a book," Andy Copeland wrote. "It may take a few months to complete this task, but there is an incredible back story that I so much want to share with you all."

Copeland wrote that he was working to return attention to his career, and that he and wife Donna had neglected friendships during their crisis. Interview requests for Aimee are not a priority, he said, as the family must prioritize her rehab, prosthetic fittings, learning to drive and time with friends.

The battle continues, even as Andy Copeland attempts to put the first four months of it into words.

"I believe that this book will reveal the challenges we faced and allow parents to better understand how Donna and I were able to cope through a very difficult period of our lives," he wrote. "If our story can help anyone to better handle life's difficulties, then so much the better."

In her first public appearance outside of Tuesday's television appearance, Aimee Copeland will visit with the public Friday on the Snellville Town Green.

A band will play from 5 to 6 p.m. while Copeland meets with the media. Starting at about 6:15 p.m., she will speak to those present before having a meet-and-greet until 8 p.m., or as long as her health allows.

The Snellville Town Green is located in front of city hall at 2342 Oak Road.