Shiloh evacuates after trashcan fire

SNELLVILLE -- A trash can fire in a restroom early Wednesday morning at Shiloh High was the cause of an hour-long evacuation at the school.

A spokesperson with the district said it was "intentionally set," and that police arrested a female student Wednesday afternoon who allegedly "set fire to two rolls of toilet paper in the restroom, causing a small fire and heavy smoke."

Roach said the individual will likely face criminal as well as discipline charges for the disruption.

She said that the school was evacuated about 8:30 a.m. for about an hour.

"We got the all clear from the fire department and were able to bring the students and staff back inside," she said, adding that nobody was hurt in the incident and there was no structural damage to the school reported.

Principal Eric Parker sent home a letter to parents Wednesday to alert them of the incident.