College: One sexual assault did not happen

LAWRENCEVILLE -- After investigating two alleged sexual assaults at Georgia Gwinnett College, campus police have determined that one of the incidents did not happen.

In a memo Wednesday to students and employees at the institution, President Daniel J. Kaufman said that an investigation into an assault in a campus parking lot "revealed that in fact no such assault took place."

"There is no unknown assailant who might pose an imminent risk to the GGC Community," Kaufman wrote. "The complainant has confirmed that there was no assault."

The message came in the wake of an alert issued Monday by the college asking students to be wary of their surroundings as officials hunted for a suspect in the offense that had allegedly occurred early Monday morning.

Campus Police on Monday arrested Nurin Mohamed Ahmed in what college spokesperson Sally Ramey said was a separate incident of alleged sexual assault, which was reported to have occurred Sunday morning in the dorms. While jail records showed Ahmed was arrested on disorderly conduct charges, Ramey said that "the sexual assault charge is pending."

Ramey said that Ahmed was "a guest in the dorm."

According to jail records, Ahmed was arrested and released Monday on a $439 bond.

Following the incident early Monday in the parking lot -- which the college now says did not happen -- the institution issued a public safety advisory with the description of a suspect and and safety tips for students.

Kaufman's Wednesday memo to students and faculty reminded those on campus to remain vigilant as before.

"While we are are relieved that there was no attack on a GGC student, the episode does remind us of the need to be watchful and vigilant," Kaufman wrote. "I hope every member of the GGC family will adopt safety practices described in the message that was sent to every student and employee (Monday)."

Ramey said the alleged incident was the first sexual assault reported on campus since the college began in 2006.


teelee 3 years ago

How about false report of a crime charges?


ChrisO 3 years ago

The girl who filed the false report should be charged as well as should have to pay for all the wasted time of police and other campus officials AND/OR have to submit to a full psychiatric exam. There is no way she should be allowed to walk away from this scot free.


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