Upper cervical chiropractor open in Suwanee

SUWANEE -- The Suwanee Spine and Wellness Center, billing itself as "a different kind of healing," officially opened its doors Monday.

Dr. Lauren Millman said the center, located at 4140 Moore Road, is the first upper cervical-specific chiropractor in Suwanee. According to Millman, upper cervical chiropractics "focus on restoring an imbalanced, misaligned spine to a centered, empowered position" and is done gently.

Millman is one of 40 chiropractors nationwide that practice the quantum spinal mechanics and NUCCA upper cervical techniques, and is a writer, speaker and researcher. She and her husband reside in Suwanee.

For more information on the Suwanee Spine and Wellness Center, visit suwaneespine.com or "like" it on Facebook.