Duluth continues with 'Capture the Spirit' campaign

DULUTH -- The city of Duluth is choosing to be proactive with the community to keep them updated on the changes going on within and around the city.

The marketing department is running a progress marketing campaign to better inform the residents of what is going on instead of just seeing construction zones.

The marketing department narrowed its choices on campaign strategy to "Progress Happens" and "Capture the Spirit of Progress," asking the mayor and City Council to help decide what route the city should go.

"'Capture the Spirit' was the core of our branding previously," councilwoman Marsha Anderson Bomar said. "It was successful then and I think that it could be successful now."

Councilman Jim Dugan agreed with Bomar in saying that the "Progress Happens" slogan had a negative connotation to it, while "Capture the Spirit" was something the city could build on.

"We spent the time, effort and money on branding ourselves with that slogan, so why not use it again?" Dugan said. "It shows continuity and uniformity in how we're presenting ourselves. It lets people know the city is doing something."

Also discussed was the approval to purchase a new vehicle for the city's Public Works Department in the amount of $27,000. The current vehicle, a Ford F-250, has more than 124,000 miles on it and is need of repairs that would cost the city more than $6,000.

A line-item approval was also passed that moved $5,688 from city's general fund part-time salaries and $1,422 from the stormwater utility fund into the general public works fund for salary to compensate the city's associate public works director.


Mack711 2 years ago

Their moto should be 'WE Tax and WE spend' Take a look around Duluth at the wasted tax money and you will see. Dog Park roundabout just to name a couple.


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