Crowds brave damp day at Yellow Daisy Festival

Staff Photo: John Bohn Attendees of the Yellow Daisy Festival browse arts and crafts, as well a food items at Stone Mountain Park on Saturday.

Staff Photo: John Bohn Attendees of the Yellow Daisy Festival browse arts and crafts, as well a food items at Stone Mountain Park on Saturday.

Were you Spotted?


Staff Photo: John Bohn Yellow daisies greet attendees to the Yellow Daisy Festival, held at Stone Mountain Park Saturday.

Eyes squinting up at a treacherous dark blue cloud, Kelly Lanier shook her head. "I'll tell you what, some enterprising soul could have made a killing today selling umbrellas."

The young woman was one of hundreds of vendors selling wares at Stone Mountain Park's 44th annual Yellow Daisy Festival on Saturday afternoon, when hard rain began to pelt thousands of visitors at the arts and crafts event.

Despite some spotty weather Saturday, the Yellow Daisy Festival drew its expected thousands seeking good deals on pottery, fabric, paintings, jewelry, sculptures, photography and floral arrangements.

Those who came early to the event got to enjoy it before the damp weather had its way.

As the rain began to fall, Steve and Tina Hall made a mad dash for their Toyota Camry, toting plastic bags full of festival finds.

"We made it!" Steve Hall hooted as he stuffed the bags in the trunk and ran around the car, opening the passenger door for his wife. "We timed this one good," he said.

A meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Peachtree City said that, in total, the area got about one-tenth of an inch of rain on Saturday. "There was a cold front coming through," Meteorologist Mike Leary said. "As a result we had a few pop-up showers Saturday afternoon."

Those who got caught in the rain at the festival didn't seem to mind it too much.

Melanie Myers and daughters Sierra Honea and Ivee Wolff sat on a picnic blanket watching the clouds roll in. For the family, the Yellow Daisy Festival has become somewhat of a tradition.

"It's our 12th year in a row coming to this," said Myers, who flew in from Texas last week to visit the event with her daughters.

Honea said it's bigger than any other arts and crafts festivals in the area, and plus, "it's just awesome."

Nicole Moran and mom, Isabel Moran, agreed.

"There's definitely a lot of good stuff here," Nicole said. "We got here about 9 a.m., so we got good parking and we got some good deals."

Event volunteer Brooke Price said that's what keeps her coming back to help out.

"There's so much variety here," she said. "So many different things to choose from."

Price added that she also enjoys the people watching.

"All kinds of different people from all over come out for this," she said. "Being a volunteer, you get to help them out. It's fun."

Fellow volunteer Janet Gross said she had a good time, but wished she would have brought an umbrella. "I keep waiting on one of these so-called gentlemen out here to offer me theirs," she said, laughing.

The good news for those attending the Yellow Daisy Festival today: it's not supposed to rain, according to Leary with the National Weather Service. "It's supposed to be nicer weather," he said. "It's going to be dry for the next several days."

Stone Mountain Park is located off Exit 8 on U.S. Highway 78. For more information, visit www.stonemountainpark.com.