LETTERS: Letter writer wrong on Romney

Letter writer wrong on Romney

Torin Togut recently wrote a letter saying Romney is what he is, which isn't a good thing. I'm trying to wrap my mind around that statement and I've concluded that Mr. Togut feels that a man who had an affair in the Oval Office with an intern, another who had a drunk-driving charge and the current occupant in the White House who admitted experimenting with drugs were better qualified to be President of the United States than Mitt Romney.

I'm really missing something here. The Mitt Romney I've read about is a squeaky clean astute business man with a reputation of saving failing enterprises, creating successful businesses and thousands of jobs and is faithful to his family and church. What's not to like??

Togut rarely, if ever, criticizes any Democrat but never hesitates to direct his liberal bias rants toward a Republican. One saving grace the last three and half years with the Obama administration in the White House, there have been fewer rants from the left.

-- Richard Stanford



catperson2 2 years, 5 months ago

I shouldn't even respond to your letter, but I'm getting a little tired of people belittling others for their opinions. Just because you think Romeny is going to put an end to everyone's suffering, you are the delusional one. The man has flip-flop on every policy he has made when he was governor of Mass. He does one thing, but says something else to please whatever audience he is speaking to. Be an informed voter and look at his record as Governor and as a CEO with Bain and listen to what he is saying now. It's like looking at a 2-sided coin. Oh, one other thing the Democrats are just as bad, but they at least changed their party affiliation when they decided to flip-flop on their policies.


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