Retiree sentenced to 5 years in Internet sting

Ronald Dawson

Ronald Dawson

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A Gwinnett judge sentenced a 65-year-old retiree from South Carolina to five years in prison for his online efforts to entice and arrange sex with a minor, a prosecutor said.

Roland Dawson pleaded guilty in Gwinnett Superior Court on Wednesday to counts of using a computer to entice a child and obscene Internet contact with a child, said Assistant District Attorney Chuck Efstration, who had recommended a sentence of 10 years.

At the plea hearing, Dawson claimed that he formerly worked as a prison guard in South Carolina, as he'd told investigators, but Efstration said that has not been confirmed.

No children were involved in the case. Instead, a Gwinnett police officer posed online as a 14-year-old girl.

"The defendant initiated the online contact with the officer," Efstration wrote in an email.

The interactions involved online messages that were sexual in nature, and Dawson sent lewd photographs of himself. Dawson arranged for a meeting at the Mall of Georgia for sex with the supposed girl, where he was apprehended in the parking lot in July 2010.


Gundoctor1 3 years ago

Man, these guys just cannot stop this stuff. Castration may be the answer, not chemical, but with a dull, rusty, fish knife and no sedative. Talk about a deterrent, you would have to do maybe 3-6 of these and publish them live on you tube. That would probably do it.

They are just going to let him back out in 6-9 months anyway!


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