Dacula approves $24K sewer project

DACULA — City leaders gave the go-ahead Thursday night for Precision Planning Inc., to engineer a sanitary sewer system from the Stanley Road pump to Lakeside Drive in Dacula. The cost, $24,350, is “a pretty good deal for all that’s involved,” said city administrator Jim Osborn.

The system will be a gravity sewer system, intended to serve commercial properties along Winder Highway and, eventually, Harbins Road.

Wrong-way traffic mix-ups solved, city saves $120,000

A $120,000 construction project originally planned for the two-way intersection of Second Avenue and Dacula Road has been abandoned, following a city council vote that approved one-way markings along the problematic stretch of road.

Directional signage and lane markings will be used to warn motorists of the one-way road ahead, instead of installing traffic “sticks” in the area that would prevent drivers from taking the convenient but hazardous shortcut.

“That $120,000 will go back into the pot to be used for other transportation projects in the city,” mayor Jimmy Wilbanks said.