Chamber president announces plans to step down

Jim Maran

Jim Maran

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Jim Maran, president and CEO of the Gwinnett Chamber, has announced plans to retire at the end of the year.

Maran, who has served as president for nearly a decade, issued a memo Thursday to the Chamber's board of directors. He called the organization a "world class leader" and praised its successes in recent months and years.

"Since September of 2003 I have been very proud to lead the Gwinnett Chamber and position it as one of the top Chambers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally," Maran's memo said. "This world recognition and status has allowed us to attract the very best personnel and leadership team, who have driven the Chamber to achieve its financial, community and business goals."

The Gwinnett Chamber services over 2,700 members, helping connect businesses locally and globally with an eye on creating jobs and wealth through economic development initiatives. Under Maran's guidance, it has been recognized as one of the top organizations in the country by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives.

In October, the Chamber will receive its second Award of Excellence from the International Economic Development Council for a "multi-year economic development program for a large community."

In his memo, Maran promised to be "fully engaged" for the remainder of 2012 and to assist in what he called a "national search" for the Chamber's next president.

"(Wife) Jane and I thank you for your wonderful support and vision in making the Gwinnett Chamber and Gwinnett County the success it is today," Maran wrote. "It has been an honor to serve each and every one of you throughout the past nine years."


CD 3 years ago

Good riddance. Your organization is a significant part of what is wrong in Gwinnett.

I'm curious if there is an indictment in his future.


NorcrossDot 3 years ago

Agree with CD & kevin. The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is full of political cronies. Good ridance.


kevin 3 years ago

I guess the pressure and bad name finally got to him and his org. we don't need anyone running anything concerning government that long. It all goes corrupt with a big disregard for the views of the public, instead of the view of insiders.


Mack711 3 years ago

Do you think he probably resigned because it was learned that the Board of Education donated funds to operate the Chamber and there may be charges? Just a thought.


lvillerez 3 years ago

agreed gwinnett corruption needs to be stopped and prosecuted - maran has done well though, and no indictments or illegal actions that are public right now...

in his 10 years gwinnett chamber has helped to bring in some new, large companies to increase tax base and help our county...

the school system paying for two of the salaries of partnership gwinnett employees does need to be in open records, but the school budget does come from tax base so ensuring the recruitment and acquisition of new companies and new residents helps their budget...it did seem fishy though, and should have been an open and public deal to begin with...


R 3 years ago

Make no mistake, once upon a time the Chamber most likely needed the county funding sources to “grow up”.

But just like the support of local non profits out of tax dollars grew to the point that the county actually considered paying a NONPROFIT group to review and then recommend what nonprofits should be funded, it’s now time to rethink the issue in its entirety NOW as the future budget is developed.

EMS needs raises and we STILL have a STADIUM to fund…

So before he takes the ol’ rolodex with all the records of firms and jobs totals brought in with him, perhaps he can take the time to provide the backup detail and answer once and for all, the inquires residents have asked for over the past 7 or so months…


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