CLINE: Time to go by the (football) schedule

Todd Cline

Todd Cline

Time to go by the (football) schedule

For those of us who love college football, Saturday marked the beginning of another season. A season where your schedule, as well as your mood, is defined by when and how well your team plays.

Dinner at Mom's? Not if your school is playing the primetime game. Boating on Lake Lanier? Not if said boat doesn't include a wide-screen TV and a bucket of chicken wings. Between pre- and post-game shows and checking on the other games that might affect your team, there's barely time to walk the dog let alone do any sizeable projects.

So while the lawn may go to seed, it's likely your lucky shirt will be crisply pressed and your game hat, the one that has survived away games, inclement weather and the clumsy fan who sits next to you, will be sitting ready even if your church clothes are still in the laundry. The one break you do get is with dirty dishes. No need to fill the dishwasher when you do the majority of your eating at a sports bar. And it's not too difficult to wash the chips bowl anyway.

I realize that it's your own choice to decide if college football overtakes your life. But the televised smorgasbord that is college football is so prevalent that it seems hopeless to fight it. Because of a special game in Ireland last week, a college fan could literally begin watching at 9 a.m. and continue with non-stop football viewing way past midnight,

Why count sheep when you can watch pigskin. Sleep? Who needs it. Plenty of time to do that when the NBA is in season.

They say the first step toward fixing a problem is admitting you have one. And if your mood for the day is predicated solely on which form of headgear Lee Corso chooses, then friend, you might need help. And not from Dr. Lou. (Man, that guy is annoying, even for the most ardent fans.)

It's tough enough if you are a one-school household, but if you have to follow two or more (not to mention two NFL teams) you might as well forget about life outdoors during the fall. You need an Excel spreadsheet just to figure out who plays where on what channel and at one time, not to mention if the game watch for one conflicts with the other, and if so, will the one game be on Sirius radio so you can listen to it on the drive home? It's enough to drive you crazy, except for the thought of missing a single snap seems crazier.

If you're like me, there's nothing you can do but embrace the craziness. So bid your yard goodbye until spring. Let the dog know you're ready to walk at halftime. And tell your Mom you'll see her at Thanksgiving.

After all, these games aren't going to watch themselves.

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