Police stepping up traffic enforcement for weekend

Police in Georgia say they will be stepping up traffic enforcement over the long weekend for Labor Day.

The Georgia State Patrol is urging motorists be cautious when heading out for what's traditionally considered the last weekend of summer.

Officials said that they will be sending out extra officers to look for drunk drivers. Traffic crashes over the Labor Day period last year killed nine people.

Besides the interstates, state police will be patrolling secondary roads. Col. Mark McDonough, the commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety, said the majority of holiday fatalities occur on state routes, county roads and city streets.


tbrco3 1 year, 7 months ago

It's good to see PD stepping up enforcement. There should be more of that year round. Stupidity on the roads run rampant with speeding drivers, inattention to the road...(ie: drifting over the center line), as well as the lazy drivers who refuse to use turn signals! I don't know what manual some of these folks studied from, but last time I looked, turn signals were a requirement to warn other drivers and prevent needless accidents and injuries. But I guess holding a cell phone is more important than preventing injuries or worse. Hopefully police will increase enforcement of these other seemingly "minor" violations and make drivers think twice and give 100% attention to the road.


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