Suwanee to mail surveys to residents

SUWANEE -- Check your mailboxes Suwanee residents, you may have a survey to fill out from the city of Suwanee.

In a partnership between the International City Managers Association and the National Research Center, Suwanee will conduct a scientific survey to assess residents' satisfaction with community amenities and municipal services. In early November, about 1,200 households will receive an invitation to participate, and answer questions that include, "Why did you move to Suwanee in the last five years?" and "Why did you attend Suwanee Day?"

This is the city's third National Citizen Survey, and it participates in the survey every two years, Financial Services Director Amie Sakmar said.

"We hope that residents will share about 20 minutes and their opinions with us," Sakmar said. "So that we can determine where we're doing a good job, and where we need to improve."

The randomly selected households must complete and return the surveys to the National Research Center by Dec. 7.

The survey is in eight categories, such as community quality, environmental sustainability, community inclusiveness, community design, recreation and wellness, civic engagement, public safety and public trust. Surveys must be completed by hand; there isn't an online version.

In 2010, Suwanee won two Voice of the People Awards from the ICMA for its parks and overall service quality.

Results will be available early next year, and Suwanee benchmarks its results with more than 500 other similar communities. City officials also use the results for planning and policy-making decisions.

"So, we'll be able to compare this year's data with the previous two survey results and begin to see trends," Sakmar said.