Cool weather, strong winds continue

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Autumn weather is upon us, and experts say it's not that unusual for temperatures to sink into the lower 30s this time of year. Potentially tree-toppling gusts of wind which residents may notice -- that's a different story.

Breezes that blow through the metro Atlanta area over the next 48 hours are caused by several different factors, according to local weather expert Jon Richards.

He said that fast-moving Hurricane Sandy, which was churning Monday toward the northeastern United States "is not directly affecting us, but we're getting a little wind. There isn't supposed to be any rain coming our way."

In addition, Richards said, what will soon become a nor'easter is "being forced down into Georgia," as well as a high pressure system out over the north Atlantic "that's forcing Hurricane Sandy in toward the United States."

Meteorologist Alex Gibbs with the National Weather Service in Peachtree City said a "strong push of northerly air is interacting with Sandy, making it much worse, and we're getting a push of wind from that in our area."

The current temperatures, Gibbs said, are fairly common for the end of October.

He said lows for Monday night were projected to be around the mid-30s, with similar temperatures Tuesday evening. There is little to no chance of rain over the next 48 hours, Gibbs said. He said to expect wind gusts between 25-35 mph.

Richards said it's actually forecasted to be a little warmer than 2011 temperatures for this time of year.

"Last year we got down to 32 degrees on the morning of Oct. 30, so the temperatures this week are not unusual," Richards said. "The first week of November is when you typically get the first frost in the Atlanta area. I would say we're about due for that."