Murphy, Falk aim for District 3

SUWANEE -- In the race for the District 3 seat, an incumbent touts the past successes of the local board, while her challenger is critical of decisions she said were detrimental to the district.

Republican incumbent Mary Kay Murphy, 75, said she's helped "work to build the best urban public school system in the nation. I characterize myself as a builder of communities and schools as successful structures so that students can achieve and learn."

Democratic challenger Jen Falk, 51, feels the current budget process put in place by the board of education could use improvement.

"I will work tirelessly to open up the budget process to the community, ask questions to clarify priorities, listen and engage in rigorous discussion with my fellow board members," Falk said. "To do otherwise does a disservice to our children and our teachers."

Murphy, who has a career in public and private higher education said she knows the issues. "I know the requirements and needs of students in the K-12 program," she said.

Murphy said that funding remains the most important issue in public education.

"Over the past several years, the state has reduced our budget by $630 million," Murphy said. "We want to continue to work closely with state legislators to have them understand how important our funding from the state is."

Falk said she hopes to ensure that the money which the district receives from tax dollars is spent wisely.

"While I support the economic sustainability and growth of Gwinnett County, I am not connected with real estate developers or current county politicians," Falk said. "I want to ensure we spend tax dollars in the classroom, keeping class size down and make resources available."

The District 3 post represents all or part of the Collins Hill, Duluth, Lanier, Norcross, North Gwinnett, and Peachtree Ridge clusters, as well as Buice School, Monarch School, and New Life Academy of Excellence in Duluth.


Producermom 2 years, 11 months ago

We need more money! - or so incumbent MK Murphy laments. Yet, Gwinnett seems to be flush enough to pay $150,000 a year (for the past 5 years = $900,000) for 2 people at the County who are supposed to bring in business. No one has seen hard proof (something in writing perhaps?) of the supposed companies that have been courted and won for Gwinnett, a list or some accounting of the new jobs that were supposedly generated and where the $6 million she referenced (P’tree Corners debate 10-22-12) in “revenue and benefits” actually landed up. In fact the 2 positions were buried in the budget 5 years ago and would never have become known had it not been for a Gwinnett Citizens group. Then the county tap danced a response and MKM’s feet are flying the fastest trying to defend this gross mishandling of our monies. Now, she says our budget was reduced by $650,000. Well, maybe the country would be so kind as to make it up with the revenue generated by the 2 positions the School Board has paid for. Two can play this game - and it is a shell game. MKM needs to go - as does the whole board. VOTE JEN FALK!


motherinduluth 2 years, 11 months ago

I love the new homepage at votejenfalk.com! Republicans for Jen Falk!


Ahelmstetter 2 years, 11 months ago

"...work to build the best urban public school system in the nation. I characterize myself as a builder of communities and schools as successful structures so that students can achieve and learn." Really, MKM? Graduation rates at 67%, approval of suspicious land deals, misappropriation of funds to Chamber of Commerce positions without documentable benefit, lack of transparency... just to name a few.... I could hardly say any of that is indicative of the best public school system in the nation.

And as far as being a builder of communities -- the abhorrent leadership that she showed during last year's student reassignment is the farthest thing from building communities that I have ever seen.

It's time for a change. I've seen Jen Falk out at community events throughout District 3 for the past year -- LISTENING to parents and students, learning about what concerns them. The grass roots support that she has gained over that time is not by accident. It is by hard work and a desire to make a change in the lives of all kids in GCPS. I am also quite sure that the track record of over 1,000 unanimous votes by the board will be broken when she is in office. As a life-long Republican, and the mother of two GCPS students, I examined the issues and MKM's track record, and cannot, in good conscience, vote for the Republican incumbent for School Board District 3 -- I'm voting for Jen Falk.


dman 2 years, 11 months ago

Republican or Democrat should have nothing to do with School Board Election process. Let's just vote in the best person. if it happens to be Mrs. Falk, then so be it.


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