OUR VIEW: Aim of pink paper to remind of need for early detection

We've started your weekend off with a different look, our fourth year of coloring the Daily Post pink to raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer. If you read us online, you'll notice our website is pink as well.

Our goal is that today's pink paper, and the stories from breast cancer survivors that have appeared in the previous Saturday editions this month, will serve as a reminder to our readers to get themselves checked.

The key to fighting breast cancer is early detection. The National Cancer Institute says the disease affects 1 in 8 women, but when detected early the survival rate is 98 percent. That number should be motivation enough for women to be checked, but everyone -- including spouses, children and other loved ones -- needs a reminder. We hope today's pink hue serves as one.

In addition to the pink paper campaign raising awareness, it will also raise money to help fight the disease. In each year of the "Read Pink" campaign, a portion of the advertising proceeds have been donated to a charity that fights cancer. This year's donation will go to the American Cancer Society.

It is our hope that today's stories combined with the pink pages will serve as a reminder of the need and importance of early detection.