Lilburn Police bolsters bicycle unit

LILBURN -- A recently bolstered bicycle unit in the Lilburn Police Department will begin its work this weekend when the city opens Bryson Park.

Lilburn police recently added four officers to the unit, which now has seven officers, who have completed a certified training course. Part of the certification requires the officers to complete an obstacle course, ride through a crowd, down several flights of stairs and make tight turns and sudden stops. During training, officers pedaled 20 miles per day.

"The bike unit is designed to make officers more approachable and accessible," Police Chief Bruce Hedley said. "Officers talk to people while on patrol to find out their concerns and other issues."

Hedley said officers will never be more than five minutes from their patrol cars to respond quickly to an emergency. But they will ride in the city's trails, parks, neighborhoods and parking lots, and be on hand for special events that have crowds.