'Skimmer' found on ATM near Mall of Ga.

BUFORD -- Investigators have charged a Flowery Branch man with bilking bank customers by way of a skimming device on an ATM machine near the Mall of Georgia.

WB Wohrman, 35, is charged with identity fraud for allegedly stealing credit card information from at least three Bank of America customers between July 10 and 12 this year. Another address listed in warrants lists Wohrman, a federal convict, as a Lovejoy resident.

Wohrman affixed the skimming device, which illegally captures credit and debit card information, to an ATM located at 1900 Mall of Georgia Boulevard, according to his arrest warrants.

Three customers later contacted Gwinnett police about unauthorized withdraws at a Chase Bank ATM by someone who mysteriously accessed their account information, according to police reports. Stolen sums were between $83 and $200, the reports state.

U.S. District Court records indicate Wohrman was involved in a federal drug case in Memphis with several others in 2005.

As part of his Twitter bio, Wohrman says he "just got out of Federal Prison on April 16, 2010, trying to reunite myself with society." Elsewhere online he describes himself as a college-educated web designer.

Wohrman was taken into custody Sept. 27 and has since been turned over to U.S. Marshals, jail records show. Warrants in the fraud cases were issued Monday.

Various forms of skimmers have been confiscated from bank ATMs and gas pumps in Gwinnett for years.

Skimmers are devices with slits that collect data from charge cards, as the cards are passed through them. Thieves then use that data to make fraudulent purchases.

Some local cases involved handheld skimmers smaller than cell phones, used by unscrupulous cashiers when customers weren't looking.

Norcross police worked a case in 2010 with 500 card holders who were bilked of about $100,000.


hopetwin 2 years, 10 months ago

my husbands bank of america card info was stolen and used at that atm to steal 300.00. He called the police and they did a report but never heard anything from the police about


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