Movie trivia contest -- Oct. 26

So, you think you're good at movie trivia? Every week, we give readers the opportunity to flex their movie muscles by answering five trivia questions from our movie critic, Michael Clark.

Congratulations to last week's winner, Donna Dembosky of Lawrenceville.

Here are last week's questions again and the answers:

• Name a movie in which Paul Newman played a professional athlete.

A: "Slap Shot" and "Somebody Up There Likes Me" (and technically "The Hustler" and "The Color of Money")

• Name the last movie to win the Best Picture Oscar that shared its title with a song from its soundtrack.

A: "Crash"

• "The Deer Hunter" was set in Vietnam and which U.S. state?

A: Pennsylvania

• What non-fictional brand of soft drink did the title character consume too much of during his visit to the Kennedy White House in "Forrest Gump"?

A: Dr. Pepper

• Morgan Fairchild provided stunt/body-double work for Faye Dunaway in which movie?

A: "Bonnie & Clyde"

Now, for this week's questions:

  1. Name the last two people to receive acting Oscar nominations for playing a non-fictional husband and wife couple in the same film.
  2. Name the last person to refuse an Academy Award for acting.
  3. Name two men that have directed Denzel Washington in three or more movies each.
  4. Name the last novel that resulted in a film adaptation that grossed more than $300 million box office in the U.S. alone.
  5. Name the last movie released in which Tom Cruise's character dies.

The first person to respond with all the correct answers receives a prize package of movie-related goodies, which could include promotional T-shirts, hats, posters, DVDs, video games and more. The winner also gets their name published in the next Weekend section. Please email your answers, along with your name to clarkwriter@mindspring.com. Include "Gwinnett Daily Post Trivia Contest" in the subject line. In the event no one answers all of the questions correctly, the person with the most correct answers submitted by 6 p.m. the Monday after the contest is posted will be the winner. Only one winner per household is eligible each 30-day period.