Daily Post columnist Rob Jenkins releases second book


Photo by Ginny Sampson

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Lawrenceville resident Rob Jenkins -- who also happens to be a Gwinnett Daily Post columnist and associate professor of English at Georgia Perimeter College -- released his recent book "Family Man: The Art of Surviving Domestic Tranquility" at the end of summer.

It's a book about something he knows: family life -- sort of like his columns.

"The first question I get is that, 'Is this (book) a compilation of your columns?' -- no, it isn't," he said. "The writing style is similar that people will recognize, but it is a stand-alone book written separately."

Jenkins has been working on this piece for more than a decade, before he was a writer for local publications. Eleven years later, he had it published by the Gwinnett-based company, Dogwood Publishing.

"I wanted to publish it in the very beginning," he said. "I set out to write a book because that was something I wanted to do. I was coaching basketball at the time at a community college in Alabama with a degree English, but I wasn't writing. I knew if I wanted to do this, I would just have to do it."

So, he started setting an hour out of his day, usually before basketball practice, to put his thoughts to the page. But first, he had to figure out what to write.

"I knew a lot about basketball, but that's a limited audience," Jenkins said. "So I thought, well, I'd been married 20 years with four kids that's what I'll write about. I laid it out into the different areas in my position that I have to deal with: Marriage, kids, career and so forth."

Around nine months later, he had written his first manuscript. When he didn't have luck with the big publishers, Jenkins put the book away until recently.

"A couple years ago I dusted it off and updated it," he said. "I looked for a small local publisher and I found one here in Gwinnett County."

And the rest is history.

"What a lot of people have said, and I what I'm trying to accomplish, is that it's really funny, but it's so true," he said. "People say, 'I thought you were writing about my family.' This is what I try to do in my newspaper column: Talk about things that are humorous while still talking about stuff that is true and important to talk about."

For more information about Jenkins and his new book, visit robjenkins.com.